Phakic Lens Implants
In situations where the refractive error (number of diopters) exceeds the limits of the Laser or where, for another reason, Laser surgery is contraindicated, these implants are a good alternative providing excellent quality and a quick recovery of vision not corrected. The conditions for this type of implant can be safely performed, they are equally well defined, and additional diagnostic tests are mandatory.
When corneal surgery with the Laser Excimer is not advised, the implantation of a phakic lens is an excellent alternative, provided that the necessary safety conditions exist.

Types of Phakic Lens

In IMO, the following types of Phakic lens are used:

  • Anterior Chamber with iris support- Artisan / Verysize and Artflex / Veryflex.
  • Posterior Chamber- ICL (Implantable Collamer Lens).