Ophthalmology Consultations

Once the necessary exams have been carried out, the patient is then referred for consultation, which always takes place in a suitably equipped office (high-tech machines) with an Ophthalmologist.

It should be noted that the installed modern computer network provides immediate access to each patient’s clinical record, which integrates the clinical history, medical reports and the complementary tests performed.

If you want to schedule an Ophthalmology consultation, you can contact us, by telephone numbers listed or by completing the form, both available on the contact page. The booking will be confirmed by our services as soon as possible.

Ophthalmologic Screening

IMO has two exam rooms equipped with advanced equipment to perform pre-consultation Ophthalmological screening.
In addition, we also have highly specialized technicians, Orthoptists, with proven experience in the field, responsible for carrying out the following procedures:

  • Automatic refraction measurement and keratometry (auto refractometer).
  • Measurement of intraocular pressure (air-puff tonometry).
  • Measuring the optical correction previously used.
  • In certain cases, digital retinography is performed with a non-mydriatic camera (photograph of the ocular fundus without dilation of the pupil with drops).