All examinations usually required in Electrophysiology are available at IMO. It is possible to specify the desired examinations, or to send the patient for electrophysiological evaluation in the context of a certain clinical picture.

The examination is always accompanied by a technical and clinical report that responds to the reason to which the evaluation was requested.

Generally, the more complete the data provided with the request, the more informative the report will be.
In addition to the classical exams in electrophysiology (Visual Evoked Potential VEP, and Electroretinogram ERG with flash and pattern stimulation, isolated cone and rod function and electro-oculogram), each one with its definite use and indication; we also have available Multifocal Electroretinogram which is a more recent technique and widely validated by the international literature.

This exam studies the 30 central degrees of the Retina in 61 segments, allowing the posterior analysis of the data obtained in order to evaluate the function of the retina in this area in a detailed and reproducible form. It is thus possible to detect and /or monitor, even in relatively early stages, changes of the retina in segments, as in dystrophies, macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa. This examination has been carried out preferentially in the study of retinal function because it is very informative.

In addition to performing these examinations on adults, they are also carried out in infants and newborns, under sedation and normally they are limited to VEP and flash-stimulated ERG.