Laser Femtosegundo
IMO was a pioneer in our country in the use of this type of Laser, which was introduced in its practice in 2006.
Later, this innovative technology began to be used in cataract surgery, allowing for the implementation of some fundamental steps of cataract surgery in a more secure and predictable way.
In Femtosecond Laser assisted Cataract Surgery, it is possible to perform incisions, capsulorhexis (opening of the anterior capsule of the lens), fracture of the nucleus in various fragments, and limbal relaxing incisions for the correction of small astigmatisms.

Particularly, in regards to capsulorhexis, this technology allows it to be performed with the exact desired diameter, perfect circularity and centering, with a predictability that is impossible to achieve with manual execution.
IMO has the most advanced Femtosecond Laser platform for cataract surgery – Ziemer LDV Z8, which, through the use of low energy, compensated by high frequency, allows minimizing the release of inflammatory mediators and the consequent induction of intraoperative miosis (decreased pupillary diameter).